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Foreign Currency Exchange — About Us

About Us...

The Smart Team focus on one thing and one thing only – helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally.  Smart saves their clients a substantial amount of money - especially when compared to the banks. The company also help clients to manage their risk associated to foreign currency movements.

Reasons for payments vary from paying for overseas property, repatriating funds from abroad back to the UK through to setting up regular international pension or mortgage payments.  One-off payments for solicitor fees or moving savings can also be accomplished through the Smart system.

Payment values can range from as little as £100 to many £1,000,000's. Smart covers over 20 currencies and can make international transfers to or receive from anywhere in the world. The Smart Team are able to save clients money by having a direct relationship with the trading floor of an international bank and, given the volume traded each day, Smart gets exceptional rates and service. These savings are passed on to the Smart clients.

Given the founders of Smart's background in business they know that it is very important to help individuals with their currency strategy. Currency exchange rates can move all over the place and a rapid change can result in massive unexpected losses. There are very simple methods that can be used such as “forward contracts” that allow clients to secure an exchange rate for a date in the future thereby “guaranteeing” their sterling (or other currency) costs.

Smart, from day one, has focused on service and does not pay its traders on commission. It is surprising, given recent events within the banking industry, that this is still the exception rather than the rule.

Smart’s account opening and payment transfer system is safe, fast and easy. All client funds are held seperately in segregated client accounts with the Bank of Ireland in the United Kingdom, with whom we have had a business relationship since 2004.

The founders of Smart set up the business in 2004.

Charles Purdy came from a family of engineers and worked on the initial design team for the Typhoon fighter. However, unlike the rest of his family, he found that his forte was in business. Having trained as a chartered accountant, Charles has worked in the finance industry extensively. He was Chief Financial Officer of a company mining diamonds 70 m underwater off the coast of Namibia. His involvement in currency started in the early 1990’s being part of the team that opened operations in Eastern Europe once “The Wall” had come down.  Charles also has a keen interest in overseas property investment.

Graduating from the University of New York in 1997 with degrees in Business Management, Marketing and Accounting Kim Brown took a post at one of the top consultancy firms.  The job went well, but love took over in the form of a British fellow and Kim landed in the UK in 1998.  Since then, she’s made England her home and has worked as a director or managing director at a few service sector businesses.  Winning a multitude of business awards and featuring in various magazines as a successful business woman, Kim has always aimed to change the world through good, ethical, value-added, fun business practices.   Kim is well known throughout the overseas property industry as she has authored several overseas property guides and is a permanent fixture in many high street publications such as Overseas Living.

Since the company formation, it has grown from strength to strength.  With a very solid balance sheet and no debt, Charles and Kim have created a company that makes money by helping clients to save money.

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