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Buying an Overseas Property?

Seventy five percent of the Smart consumer client base are overseas property buyers - that helps us to know quite a bit about the overseas property purchase process. We've been successfully transfering funds for deposits, staged payments, solicitors and other payments related to property purchases since 2004 . And, more importantly, we've assisted our clients to benefit from our expertise.

The most important thing for you to consider is this: The cost of your future property will change every few seconds until you decided to either reserve funds at a fixed exchange rate OR buy the currency required to pay for the property. In some cases the value of a property has increased by £10,000 to £50,000 in the course of just weeks!

When buying a property in the UK, you would not agree to purchase without knowing the cost - would you? So why agree to purchase a property overseas without knowing the total value? This is what people do when they fail to fix the cost of the currency that will pay for the property. The crazy thing is that you don't need to have the funds now to reserve currency for a purchase at a later date. In other words - you can buy currency now but pay later. Let's look at an example:

The Streeter's finally realised their dream of buying a property in Cyprus - In June 2009 they signed a contract of sale to the tune of €347,000. Immediately thereafter, they called Smart Currency to ensure that they reserved the rate of €1.173/€1 even though the money wasn't due until October 2009 . The Streeter's wanted peace of mind that the cost of their property would NOT increase. If they waited until the last moment, like many property buyers do, they would have had to come up with over €25,000 more!

Aside from helping buyers to fix a budget amount for their future property purchase, Smart also helps to get better-than-bank exchange rates. Let's look at another example:

Alan and Susan retired in 2007 and made the happy move overseas in 2008. The initial payment on the home was €163,575. The quote that they got from a bank was for a euro exchange of €1.19 to the £1. However the couple decided to call Smart and obtained a quote of €1.223 to the £1. Alan and Susan saved €4,414 on their euro exchange by getting better-than-bank-exchange rates through Smart Currency Exchange.

Buying an overseas property is very exciting; however there are risks involved. In order to ensure that you know how to save money and to eliminate the possibilty of having to pay more than you budgeted, make sure to read our special report entitled, 'Why Overseas Property Buyers Lose Money...and How You Can Avoid It!' or call on our free phone number 0808 163 0102 (free phone) Apply Online.

Client Feedback

"Thank you for making our currency transactions go so smoothly....From the beginning, having 'Googled' fx websites, your web page was very clear and informative - as was all the info in your information and account pack which arrived the next day.  As promised, our account was opened within hours.

Your trading team were pleasant and efficient, and each transaction was very much at the exchange rate I expected...i.e. much, much better than tourist rate, not a million miles away from the inter-bank rates and certainly much better than my high street bank could quote.

All in all, an easy experience and we will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to any of our friends buying property abroad. Ian Pritchard" more testimonials

How will Smart help you to save money and prevent the cost of your overseas property from increasing? Smart helps by:

  • Providing better-than-bank exchange rates
  • Reducing the risk of your international payments from INCREASING
  • Offering a service with no fees*, no commission, no hidden charges (*fees apply on transfers under £3,000)
  • Giving you direct access to your dedicated Smart Trader. Unlike most UK international payment specialists, Smart Traders are not paid on commission, thus your trader will be working for you - not their pay-packet
  • Make the whole process fast and effortless - leaving more time for you to spend focusing on your new home overseas

Apply online now and get access to your Smart Trader to discuss just how much Smart can save you! Let us help you to ensure the money side of your move back to the UK is cost-effective, easy and fast.

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