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Foreign Currencies Exchange — Euro

Smart can help you to save money and reduce risks when sending or receiving euros. This is how...

  • Smart can call the market floor on your behalf and negotiate a better-than-bank exchange rate on euros (and pass the savings onto you).

  • Smart can help you to minimise the chances of your euro exchange cost from increasing by offering options to hedge or buy currency at today's rate for purchase in the future.

  • When working with Smart, there are no hidden charges, no fees and no commission applied with transactions over £3,000. For transactions under £3,000 there is a small administrative fee.

  • Once your Smart account is activated, you'll be set up with your dedicated Smart Trader. Your Smart Trader will work with you to understand your unique situation, time scales and discuss various options available. It's important to note that unlike most UK international payment specialists, Smart Traders are paid a set salary and not a commission, thus your trader will be working for you and not their pocket.

  • Smart focuses on international payments only - this enables the whole process to be completed fast, efficiently and easily from the comfort of your own home.

Apply online now and get access to your Smart Trader to discuss just how much Smart can save you! Once your account is open, you can request a Smart Rate Watch where your Trader will call you once the euro exchange rate hits the rate you want to achieve!

"Just a quick eMail to thank you for all your help in transfering the euro's to Spain for me. An excellent service with helpful staff you have a receipe for success. You treated my amount of money as important as larger sums I am sure you handle. I shall recommend your services to anyone asking." Martin Rowland, London SW18

But how much will Smart really save me?

The answer depends on the amount you're transfering, the time available between now and when the money needs to be transfered and your budget amount.

Here's an example of a Smart client that saved money on better-than-bank euro rates: Nat is a very keen skier and wanted a home in the Alps for a long time. He finally realised his dream in September 2008. The initial payment on the unit was €163,575. His initial quote from a bank was for a euro exchange of €1.190 to the £1. However he decided to go to a currency specialist and he obtained a quote of €1.223 to the £1. Nat saved €4,414 on his euro exchange. His saving has paid for plenty of ski passes and lots of après ski fun.

Apply online now and get access to your Smart Trader to discuss just how much Smart can save you!

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